Carlsbad Flower Fields – An Explosion of Color

  • April 14, 2017

I’ve often seen the Carlsbad Flower Fields from the road as I’ve driven by.  This year I was determined to see it up close before the blooms end in May. I packed up the kids and met my mom there for two hours of seeing some of the most brilliant flowers I’ve ever witnessed. Not only is it fun to simply walk around and view the endless fields of nearly 50 acres of colorful Ranunculus, but there are lots of other fun things to see and do. (In addition to getting that perfect shot of you looking out over the fields of color to post to your Instagram feed 😉 Its not cheap to visit – Adults are $14 and kids are $7, but I figure we’re supporting a Carlsbad institution that I want to be open for many years to come.

Some of the activities:

Passport for the Kids: They brilliantly put together a little passport for the kids, and placed stamping stations at different areas of the Fields. The kids were engaged as they stamped their passports at each area we visited.

Mining Station: I’m not totally sure how this fits into Carlsbad (I grew up in Sacramento, which is kind of the California heart of the history of the state’s gold mining ), but its a fun station. They have a “stream” set up with buckets of rocks that have some fools gold in them that the kids can pan for the “gold” – it is an extra fee of $4.

Tractor Rides: The tractor rides run all day and are an additional fee – see the fields up close and listen to history and an overview of how the flowers are grown.

Playground: My kids were thrilled to see the playground. It has these giant mushrooms, lots of things to play on, and little houses they can go in. Good for kids 2-10.

Fun in the playground

Birds: They have a few small aviaries. My kids love looking at birds, so this was a fun little stop.

Sweet Pea Maze: This was legitimately a hard maze to get through! The shoulder-high Sweet Peas were beautiful and the kids had fun dashing through the maze, making lots of wrong turns before getting to the exit.

Lost in the Sweet Pea Maze

Food an d Treats: They have lots of treats available, ice cream cones, lemonade, and strawberry shakes.

Overall this is a fun springtime activity that I won’t miss again. Definitely check it out, bring your camera/phone and enjoy the brilliant creation and variety of flowers.

My mom and I enjoying the fields

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