Top 10 Travel Bucket List for the Year

  • May 1, 2017

For my family, if we don’t plan it, it doesn’t happen. That’s why I pulled together a bucket list of the top 10 destinations that I would like to go to this year.

As a family of four with two kids in school (youngest starts Kindergarten next year) and a limited budget, our travels needs to be planned out pretty well and of course we have limitations. We are trying to be much more intentional about how we travel, when we travel and where we go and why we want to go there. We try and maximize our airline miles  and use budget-saving travel apps and Internet deals and more recently we signed up for a home swap exchange through Home Our first home exchange is this summer and I am excited.

Below is my list of top 10 destinations I hope to go to this year. Some trips are planned and some are in progress, but others are just a dream at this point.  Also, not all of my trips are far from home, some are just an hour or two away. Here are my top 10, with photos both my own and found online and Pinterest. All photos link to the owner’s pages. What are your dream destinations for this year? How are you making these become a reality?

Chicago, Illinois 

Chicago is a city I actually go to quite often for work, but, typically its a fly in-fly out scenario.  I’ve done very little, outside of downtown work meetings and a few great dinners. This year I want to turn my work travel into more pleasure by exploring the Chicago Museum of Art, going for a run along the lake, exploring Millennium Park and trying out new restaurants.

From Instagram (linked)

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

This trip is planned (hooray!) for my 10 year anniversary with my hubby. Its a hop, skip and a jump from San Diego. I haven’t been to Cabo in more than 10 years so I am excited to see how its changed and to relax at the all-Inclusive resort we booked.  I’ll do a full post on this when we get back.

Pueblo Bonito Resort – photo linked to source

Lake Tahoe, California 

Tahoe is one of my favorite spots on the planet and we had a cabin there growing up and we would go camping with other families. But my kids and husband have never camped in Tahoe, so as a family so we’re tent camping  in Emerald Bay for five days (eek!) I’m going to have to up my camping food menu and come up with some fun things to cook. I can’t wait to kayak, ride bikes and roast marshmallows with the kids.

Lake Tahoe (by Imagine & Go)

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona has been on my list of places to see for years. I am trying to plan a five-day road trip to do hiking, biking and even some wine tasting in Arizona this year.  I’ve read there’s also swimming holes that you can find as well. My kids would LOVE that.

Sedona – link to source in photo

Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs has become one of our favorite weekend destinations every year — even with the kids. We love the dry heat and playing in the pool all day. There are also some great restaurants and incredible sunsets. Though there are lots of things to do, typically when we go to Palm Springs we go to totally unwind, read books by the pool, play games with the kids and perhaps some tennis.

Palm Springs sourced linked in photo

Guadalupe Valley Wine Country, Baja California, Mexico

This is on my MUST GO travel  list. Just an hour south of us here in San Diego, I have heard the most incredible things about Baja’s Wine Region, from the wine to the food to the places to stay, including a high end “glamping” tent cabin experience that looks amazing. Just look at this view from Cuatros Cuatros that Local Wanderer captured.

Photo from Local Wanderer

Costa Rica (multiple destinations)

This trip is happily already planned. Our kids have two weeks off in the Fall and we’re going to Costa Rica. My husband and I traveled and spent a month there (pre-kids) so we’re excited to get back and show them all of the gorgeous beaches, waterfalls and hikes and do lots of surfing and boogie boarding.

Costa Rica – photo source linked

Paso Robles, California

After a girlfriend travel getaway trip last year (see full post here) – I am so eager to spend more time in Paso Robles. Its on my list to go again sometime this year to experience more of the beautiful hill country, wineries, craft breweries and do some biking.

Drinking wine at Halter Ranch in Paso Robles

Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz is home away from home for us, but we always find something new to do every time we travel there. Check out this post on 20 Things to Do, See and Eat in Santa Cruz. I hope to keep adding new things to the post.

Sayulita, Mexico

We’re in the process of booking a trip for next spring break in Sayulita, Mexico through I have heard amazing things about this small west coast Mexican town. Its supposed to be beautiful, safe, with great beaches and surfing.

Photo From Huffington Post

Okay, now its your turn. What’s your #travelbucketlist10


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