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Challenge – Clothes for 9 Days of Business and Play Travel in a Carry On

  • September 26, 2017

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m an Overpacker. Or at least I used to be. I recently overhauled my closet using the Project 333 method. The same concepts of having less, but having things you love and use, can and should be used when packing for travel. I recently went on a nine day trip to Washington DC and London for work. My husband flew to London to spend some time…

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One Month of Project 333 and Minimizing — Lessons Learned

  • September 5, 2017
Project 333

A month ago I published this post (read here) about Project 333 and minimizing. Now that I’m more than a month into this I wanted to update you all on my thoughts and progress and lessons learned. I’m writing it Q&A style with all the questions I had when going into this. How is Project 333 working out?   (For newbies, Project 333 is picking out 33 items to wear…

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Summer 2017 Wrap Up and Lessons Learned

  • August 18, 2017
Family hike in Tahoe

Summer 2017 is almost over. Next week school starts again. We begin the busy season of school, soccer games, fall baseball, and a LOT of travel. Looking back over the last few months I am so grateful for the things we were able to do and see. I learned some lessons, gained perspective and enjoyed some really amazing family time. Here are the highlights. Lesson number 1: Sometimes summer isn’t…

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Nine Things about Minimalizing I didn’t Expect

  • August 15, 2017
Project 333 Capule Closet

This is my second post on minimalism. To read the first post click here. When I launched into a plan to minimalize my closet, our house and my shopping habits, some things happened that I wasn’t prepared for. Some good, others not so pleasant. In this post I look at some of the surprising parts of minimalizing. People Around Me Think Its a Fad To be totally fair to my…

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