Life Update

  • July 2, 2019

I feel bad I haven’t updated the blog in so long! Not only have I done some fun trips over the last few months but also have made some great food! I promise I’ll get to writing those posts. Look out for a post on the Ultimate Girlfriend Getaway in Solvang, California, an updated post on what to do in London, and several fun recipes including the BEST fries EVER…

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Tips & Q&As Travel

Seven Week Road Trip Costs – Tips for Staying on a Budget

  • October 9, 2018

So many people have asked us how we managed to travel for seven weeks this summer with our kids. We got questions like: “Are you teachers?”, “Are you independently wealthy?” (We laughed at that one!), “How are you doing this?” was another common question. So here it goes. This is how we did it! First off — We are not teachers, but we do work remotely as consultants in our…

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Beautiful Sayulita, Mexico

  • April 19, 2018

Several years ago a co-worker told me about Sayulita, Mexico and he raved about the beaches, the downtown, and how great it was for families. Its been on my travel bucket list since then. Then fortuitously, last summer we connected with another home exchange family from Sayulita and agreed to a home swap. After a week in Sayulita I can definitely say it lives up the hype. It’s beautiful, safe,…

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Is a Home Exchange Right for You? Find Out in This Q&A

  • April 11, 2018
Home exchange

If you have ever wondered about doing a home exchange this post is for you! We have officially made it to the year point as Home Exchangers. In 2017 I signed us up for My husband was not really on board, but I slowly got him excited about the idea (mostly the money saving part). So far we have done two home exchanges: one in Sayulita, Mexico and one…

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