Cabo San Lucas, Mexico — A Review of Pueblo Bonita Pacifica Resort

  • June 28, 2017
Pueblo Bonita Pacifica Resort

If you are looking for an incredible getaway in Mexico (adults only), with top notch food, incredible service, views, and relaxation, Pueblo Bonita Pacifica resort is a great option. My husband and I recently did a five night stay at the resort for our 10 year anniversary. We loved every minute of it. Below are some recommendations to decide if this resort is right for you.


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is at the very tip of Baja California. The climate is warm and very dry. Unlike some of Mexico’s other seaside locations like Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, and Puerto Vallarta which are more tropical, Cabo has a desert climate. It also has a rugged, sparse landscape (outside of the beautifully landscaped resorts and golf courses). It’s relatively easy to travel to Cabo from the US, especially for those of us coming from San Diego (a 1 hr. 50 min flight). Getting through customs in Mexico is a breeze. The Airport is a good 30-45 minutes from the resort areas of Cabo San Lucas, so plan ahead and book a shuttle.

Choosing a Resort

There are a lot of resorts right on the beach and in the marina of Cabo San Lucas. These resorts are bustling with people, shopping, vendors, bars and restaurants. The benefits of these resorts are their proximity to the beach and all of the activities that you can do such as snorkeling, deep sea fishing, shopping, etc. But they are also very busy. If you are looking for a true getaway, this area might not be for you.

Busy beaches in Cabo San Lucas
Busy beaches in Cabo San Lucas

Pueblo Bonita Pacifica is the opposite of busy. As one of the farthest resorts north of Cabo San Lucas on the Pacific ocean side, the Pacifica is a destination for those who truly want to get away from it all and relax.

Beach Pacific Resort
Quiet beach in front of the resort away from the crowds

All about the Resort

Compared to the other Pueblo Bonita properties, the Pueblo Bonita Pacifica is smaller and the only Adult-Only location. You can use your all-inclusive wrist band at any of the four resort properties in Cabo and there are shuttles that run between the resorts. This is a great feature because for us we were able to use the shuttle to go into town and we ate at the Rose location on the beach. It was a completely different vibe (think more party, less relaxed), and it was fun to see the other pools and the swimmable beach.

The beach at the Pacifica is not for swimming. If you are coming to Cabo for ocean swimming this is NOT the resort for you. Additionally, a lot of the beach was blocked off from walking when we went because sea turtle nests were all over the beach. The eggs were due to hatch in a few weeks and the resort employees were fastidious about keeping tourists from hurting the nests.


Hotel Bar overlooking the Pacific Ocean
Modern Hotel Bar overlooking the Pacific Ocean

Resort Cabo San Lucas


There are two pools and a large Jacuzzi at Pueblo Bonita Pacifica. The pools are a lovely temperature and have many great shallow areas for lounging. Of course there is also the swim up bar which is always a huge bonus. The great thing about this resort is the availability of lounge chairs. At some of the other resorts, you couldn’t see one open chair and I imagine there was some early morning competition to snag a good spot. Also the quality of the lounge chairs was amazing. So comfortable and upscale.

Pool at Pueblo Bonita Pacifica

Gym, Spa, Golf Course, Tennis Courts

We are not golfers so I can’t comment on the golf course that is attached to the resort. The tennis courts are well kept (there are two) and we enjoyed playing a game one of the days we were there. The gym is incredible at Pueblo Bonita Pacifica. I could live in this gym and I am not a gym person. The ocean views from every part of the gym made treadmill time totally enjoyable. They also open up these wide windows letting the sea breeze in. The equipment is top notch. There is also a high recommended spa on the property. I talked to several people who said it was amazing. We didn’t do any spa services this time around. More details on the spa and golfing are available on the resort web site.

Food and Restaurants

I can’t say enough about the food on the Pueblo Bonita properties. I only wish I could have visited more of the restaurants. On the Pacifica resort premises there are three restaurants — Baja Peninsula, Siempre, and Pescados. The resort also has a steakhouse on the attached golf course that you can go to for an added upcharge.

The food at Pueblo Bonita Pacifica’s Peninsula restaurant is absolutely fantastic. We had an incredibly memorable three-hour meal there for our anniversary as well as two other dinners (we couldn’t stay away and wanted to try everything!). The fish and seafood were so fresh and the sauces so flavorful. They have several garden beds on the property with fresh herbs and you can taste the freshness in every bite. We loved the sea bass, the shrimp over purple sweet potatoes, and the grilled octopus. The salads were some of the best I’ve ever had.  They also have an on-site Sommelier and some great wine that you can purchase for an additional fee. I recommend some of the wines out of Baja’s Guadalupe Valley if you want to stay true to your Mexican vacation.  For lunch, the pork tacos were some of the best we’ve ever had. In fact, we’re still talking about them!

We also enjoyed the restaurant Siempre, especially their Sunday brunch that featured traditional items like an omelet bar, but also had chefs preparing fresh sushi and gourmet ceviche. We didn’t visit Pescado the sushi bar, primarily because we heard from other guests that while the sushi was good and fresh, it wasn’t outstanding.

In addition to the on-site restaurants, you can also use your all-inclusive bracelet to visit and eat at the other resorts. At Sunset, the largest of the resort properties, they recently opened up a marketplace with several eating options such as Italian, Mexican, Crepery, and more. At Sunset we also had one of our favorite Chinese food meals we’ve ever had. The incredible view of the Pacific Ocean from Sunset’s location way up on the high hill are unbeatable.

Grilled Octopus

Sea Bass with seafood
Clam “Chowder”
Guava Pie at Peninsula

Other Tips

-Bring at least 250$ cash. The waitstaff are outstanding and they do expect a tip for their service. We also needed dollars for tipping at the pool, tipping for our shuttle rides and taking a taxi into town.

-Do visit the other resorts! Its really fun to see the other properties and eat at different restaurants.

-Don’t book the Pacifica resort if you want to swim in the ocean; you can’t

-The Wifi is included but can sometimes be spotty.

-Bring your own shampoo and conditioner, the resort doesn’t provide conditioner and the shampoo is terrible.

-Though I didn’t see them kicking anyone out, they do have a dress code and don’t want anyone to wear shorts, or men to wear sandals to dinner.

-At certain times of the year this resort is windy! We experienced some pretty intense wind. It was fine, but made the evenings chilly.

-The coffee is pretty mediocre, if you love coffee, you can bring your own ground beans and use the in-room coffee maker.

-Its hard to find any craft beer anywhere. My husband really craved an IPA by the end of the trip and tired of Coronas. (cry me a river right? 😉 Seriously though, if you want anything other than a Mexican Lager (Corona, Pacifica ect) on the beer front, you should bring your own.

Overall I would give this resort five out of five stars and hope to go back some day! Maybe my 20 year anniversary!




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