Map Your City This Summer!

  • July 7, 2017
Map your city

Love the City You Live in!

Last month I wrote up a post on 15 Fun Summer Activities with Kids [you can read the full post here]. One of the ideas in the post is to get a map of your city, hang it and mark all the places you visit this summer with colorful push pins. Not only is it great for teaching children about geography, but it help makes local activities more meaningful.

To make the map I went to Barnes & Noble (the last bookstore around here!) and picked up a map of San Diego County. I also ordered a cork board that was really cheap on Amazon to avoid marking up the walls and some map push pins off Amazon for a few dollars. Its nice to have an assortment of colors.

At the end of the summer you will have an awesome visual view of all the places you went, the museums, movies, restaurants, parks and more that you visited.

Make a Key for the Push Pin Colors

Some ideas:

Blue= Beaches and pools

Green= Parks

Red= Restaurants/Food

Yellow= Entertainment & Movies

Orange= Museums

Pink= Hikes

My kids love this and last weekend when we went to the beach, the first thing they did was run upstairs to the map we hung in their room and search for and pin the beach we went to.



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