About Me

Hi I’m Sarah.… Imagine & Go was founded on the premise that getting out and seeing the world opens eyes and hearts. This blog primarily focuses on Southern California and San Diego (where I live), but also other places I’ve been. My goal is to provide helpful tips and ideas for travel and lifestyle activities. 

When I decided to start writing about travel, I realized how much I have been shaped by the people I have met, the sights I have seen and the foods that I have tasted. My love for food began on a post-college trip through Europe that included my first taste of truffle oil. My favorite hue of blue is the color of a certain part of Lake Tahoe seen from the Rubicon trail on a sunny day, and I fell in love with my husband watching him play with refugee children in villages in Thailand. If you are an experienced traveler I guarantee you can look back and identify defining moments for yourself that occurred while traveling. If you are just starting out in your traveling adventures, welcome! 

On a more personal note, as mentioned above, I live in San Diego and I am married to an incredibly funny, travel-loving man who is an avid surfer, and I have two amazing kids who are turning into fantastic travel buddies. I love food and cooking with interesting ingredients and spices, wine, and visiting breweries with my beer-obsessed husband. I also love beaches, mountains, running, and art. Most of our travels with our small kids have been in California, but as they are now school-aged, we’re beginning to explore more with them and can’t wait to introduce them to the wonderful world they live in. Cheers to travel, to adventures and to opening your eyes and heart to places and people outside of what you know. If you can imagine it, then go! 

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