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  • November 21, 2018
All Trails

There are so many apps out there, I don’t claim to be an expert by any means. However, I do have some favorite apps that I use all the time. I like learning about new apps that either help me save time, money, or fit into my travel, food, and exercise-driven life. Here are a few apps that I really love.


EveryDollar App

Until a year ago, I really didn’t budget. I knew roughly how much we had, and I just kind of spent money as needed (or not). I often fell victim to  the Target dollar bins, to unnecessary food, and more. Last February I downloaded the EveryDollar App (by Dave Ramsey, the financial guru’s daughter Rachel). It has you enter your monthly income and you can assign budget down to the dollar.  Its quick and flexible – and it has helped us save thousands of dollars this year, by simply staying within a set budget.

(I created a fake budget below so you can see how it works)



I started using the audio workout app AAptiv two years ago and its been a favorite ever since.  Its like having a personal trainer in your living room. The app has everything from treadmill workouts to strength, weights, indoor cycle and even yoga. For me, it helps break up my workout routines and pushes me further in my fitness. I’ve found a few of the trainers that I really like and I appreciate the increased amount of fitness I’ve experienced since using the App.

All Trails

If you like to hike, the All Trails App is an absolute must. I have the upgraded version that allows me to save and download trail maps which is super helpful when you get into places without cell service. This app has allowed us to find so many amazing hikes everywhere from Oregon, to Southern California.  People also post helpful reviews. For example when we were in Big Sur over the summer, it was great to get some warning messages from hikers about ticks and Poison Oak on the trails.

All Trails


If you are trying to lose weight,  track food, macros, or join in some community challenge competitions the MyFitnessPal app is for you! Since turning 40 I have had a lot more trouble keeping weight off. I use this app to track my calories and do challenges that help me stay on track.


Since we travel so much, my phone has a lot of helpful travel apps. I have a folder for easy access and I make sure I have all the airline apps for easy ticketing, Uber, Lyft for cost comparisons on ride services (because they can be very different!) and AirBnB for easy and instant communication with hosts – and booking.

Hotels Tonight

I’ve blogged about Hotels Tonight before, but its one of our favorite last minute hotel deal apps. Hotels post their rooms for discounted rates , particularly  a few days out from travel. They have extended their service to further out, but the last minute booking feature seems to be the best in terms of cost savings.


Calling all readers, listeners!! One of the best apps that we have for road trips is Libby. Its the official Library App used by many libraries for borrowing audio and e-books. Its a fantastic way to save money on audiobooks. Before our seven week road trip last summer, –  I reserved some fun family-friendly books such as Percy Jackson and it really helped keep us entertained on long drives. The best part is that its FREE! One tip — if you are looking to reserve a popular book like Harry Potter, make sure you try and reserve several weeks out. They only have a handful of copies of each book and they get put on hold/a waiting list.

Libby Library App



This is such an amazing app. The benefits of meditation have been well studied.  Done regularly meditation can relieve anxiety and depression, increase gratitude and provide a incredible calm in our busy world. This app with guided meditations are grouped by “courses” such as Managing Anxiety, Life Challenges, and even ones for kids. The founder Andy, has such a soothing voice. The app includes lots of helpful short videos on different techniques such as “noting”, and explains why our brains often do what they do!




There are so many photo editing sites out there. I have tried A Color Story, and many others but I always come back to VSCO. You do have to pay for “Packs” of filters, but I find that there is such a great range of filters and editing flexibility. I also like the clean layout of the app and I’ve been really happy with how my iPhone photos turn out after using VSCO.


I’m always interested in new apps  – please comment below and share some of your favorites!





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