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DIY Himmeli with Olive Branches

  • June 6, 2017
Modern Himmeli wreath DIY with Olive Branches

DIY Himmeli Wreath

I originally posted this DIY wreath on my old blog which I’ve since let expire. Since its been pinned so much on Pinterest I wanted to make sure it still has a home for people to learn how to make these really fun wreaths. I made this one three years ago and loved having it on the door during the late summer and fall.

To make the wreath – you will need paper straws and thin craft wire (you can pick it up from Amazon, or Michael’s or any craft store) I used these red paper straws (you spray paint them so any paper straws will work). You will also need some spray paint. I used a bronze metallic color for mine, but you could make it any color you want.

I used this tutorial from Vintage Revivals on how to make the Himmeli wreath. Its really pretty simple once you get going. Link to Tutorial http://vintagerevivals.com/2013/12/diy-geometric-wreath-tutorial РThe final step was stringing olive branches through the Himmeli wreath. If you can find some fake branches that would be the best option since these were real and they do fade and dry out after a while.

Modern Himmeli wreath DIY with Olive Branches


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