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Camping Tips and Top Five Favorite Camping Gear Items

  • August 27, 2018

This week I’m talking about camping gear! My kids absolutely LOVE camping. This summer on our seven week road trip, we camped in four different places. Camping is great and economical way to travel. However, it can be uncomfortable and dirty if you don’t have the right gear.

I’ve learned that the key to a good experience (at least for me) is making sure we have the right gear for eating, comfort, and cleanliness. Here are my top five favorite items for a fabulous camping experience.

Coffee Gator Insulated 34 oz Coffee Press – $42.97 (On Amazon)

I bought this Coffee Gator press for my husband for Christmas last year and used it constantly on our seven week road trip.  This durable coffee press looks great, and keeps the coffee warm.  It also PERFECTLY fills up our two YETI Tumblers with coffee on cold camping mornings. If you click on the photo it will take you to Amazon where I purchased it.

Yeti Rambler 20 oz Tumblers – $29.99 (Amazon)

The Rambler Tumbler keeps coffee SUPER hot for hours, and keeps wine, beer and other cold beverages super cold! We don’t know how we survived camping – or life before these. (Dramatic much? 🙂 I’ve seen these at Christmas time sold cheaper for two – but on Amazon  they are about $30 each. Such a camping essential!

Enjoying a cold beverage in his YETI

Hammock — Eagles Nest Outfitters ENO DoubleNest Hammock – 69$

There are few things better than laying in a hammock with a book, overlooking the lake at sunset. The DoubleNest Hammock is perfect for snuggling with a few of your favorite people. It also folds up super small (about the size of a small nerf football) and lightweight so its great for traveling.

Cast Iron + Silicon Lid

I use my 12 inch  Lodge  Cast Iron Skillet at home daily – it replaced all of my more expensive non-stick and fancy All Clad skillets. When seasoned properly cast iron is non-stick and it sears perfectly. I love cast iron for its ability to retain heat and cook food evenly. This is especially helpful for cooking over gas -powered cook stoves.

This trip I also brought my cast iron grill pan. We didn’t have room to bring our gas grill and a cook stove and had to prioritize the cook stove. The cast iron grill pan worked fantastic for grilling one of my favorite easy flank steak recipes on the camp stove. Finally, I also brought a cast iron dutch oven. You can literally put this guy directly in the fire to bake, braise and more. Cast Iron is so versatile, durable and best of all — inexpensive.

Silicone Lid — Probably my favorite camping find of all was getting a 12 inch Silicone Lid for my cast iron skillet. Instead of bringing my heavy metal lid – the lightweight flexible lid worked perfectly for keeping food warm. Also, it was great for covering anything else that we wanted to keep the bugs off of like salad, or chopped up fruit.

Baby Wipes

You all probably already knew this trick – but baby wipes are seriously the campers best friend — even when your babies are six and eight! We used these baby wipes for everything, but my favorite thing was cleaning dusty feet before entering the tent. I left a pack of baby wipes outside of the tent and every night before bed everyone wiped off the grime. It helped a LOT.

When we left our camping spot in Tahoe a few weeks ago, I was pretty much ready to not camp for a while, but as I type up this post, all I want to do is look for a spot to book 🙂

Happy Camping!

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