10 Things My 7 Year Old Says to Me that I Never Would have Said to My Parents

  • April 18, 2017

Life has certainly become more complex in the last 30 years since I was a kid. I was thinking about some of the conversations that I have with my seven year old that I would have never had with my parents. See my 10 below and then I would love your comments on some of the things your kids ask you about.

Mom, can I have a playdate?

Playdate? When did getting together with a friend become a date, let alone a playdate? What happened to, “Can your son come over and play? My son asks me regularly for these with his friends. I feel like in our overscheduled world, the playdate is one more sign of the times. Still, I use the “playdate” as much as the next mom.

Can I have this _____ ? It’s organic, don’t worry.

Organic? Not many people knew about organic foods 30 years ago, definitely not my family. I’m not obsessive about buying organic, but I do buy it when I can. I also talk to my kids a lot about nutrition and staying away from processed foods and pesticides. Unfortunately (or fortunately), everything is becoming organic now. The other day my son asked me, “Mom, can I have these Doritos, they make them organic now?!” His enthusiasm was tempered slightly when I explained that just because something is organic does not mean it’s good for his body.

You don’t have a screensaver on your phone Mom, here let me fix that for you.

My son, like 99.9 percent of other children loves phones, iPads and anything else digital. He has a scary knack for already understanding how to do things I have no idea how to do, and I consider myself fairly tech savvy. I need to get some additional training ASAP so that I can outsmart him during the teen years.

Can you look up ______right NOW?

When I was a kid, there was a lot of waiting. Things were slower; answers often didn’t come right away. One might have to do research in the Encyclopedia Britannica to find out an answer. My son, however, knows that answers are now available instantaneously.  Between Siri and Amazon Alexa, heck, they don’t even have to type anything. I tried to tell him about how I used to have to look things up in books, and he looked at me with mouth agape, “why would anyone do that, Mom?

When do I get the trophy?

When I was a kid, you got a trophy for winning, or being the MVP. Today, everyone gets a trophy, no matter how hard they try. I am not the biggest fan of this philosophy. In general, I think it hurts in the long run.  However, it is a good opportunity to talk to my son about the importance of teamwork, and supporting his friends when he plays sports.  The trophy becomes more about being a team player and that has to be earned.

Can I have some more sushi?

Sushi, seaweed, curry, crab, and avocado are all things my kids ask for on a regular basis. I had never heard of these things, let alone asked my parents for them. I think its wonderful though that we live in a time where we have access to such incredible foods, where exotic spices can be shipped in two days from Amazon. I try to expose my kids to all kinds of flavors and hope that it leads to an eventual love for travel and different cultures.

What’s a commercial?

Using primary Netflix while my son was young, we never watched live TV. The first time a commercial came on during a cartoon my son was very confused. “Where is the show?” I explained that these were advertisements. And then I laughed really hard. Commercials were such a part if my growing up existence. How else would you know what new cereal was in the supermarket or the new flashy toy available at Toys R Us?

Mom, you can’t pack that PB&J it has peanuts in it.

As the parent of a child with a food allergy, I am amazed at the surge in not only food allergies, but serious food allergies. When I was a kid PB&J was a daily occurrence in my brown sack lunch. These days, packing anything with nuts is a definite no-no.

In yoga class today…

This one might be unique to southern California, but yoga is part of my son’s public school education. They focus on stretches and breathing and say that it has a calming effect on the kids. They have a class once a week and he really likes it. Its still bizarre to hear him talk about it though. Yoga has become such an ingrained part of our culture now, but I didn’t hear about it until I was in my 20’s.

Can I go outside and play?

When I was a kid, going outside to play was completely normal and expected. It wasn’t something I asked my parents to do, we just did it. It’s sad these days that we have to be so much more careful. Now, when my kids play outside, there is generally an adult supervising.

I would love to get your thoughts on these 10. What else do your kids say to you that you would have never asked your parents? I would love to hear more from you. You can reach me at and follow me on Instagram:


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